In January 01, 2001, an aggressive sales professional, together with two of the countries best regional distributors banded together to form a company with the intention of supplying the best quality animal health products. It started by forging an agreement with the Nexgen Animal products & Animal Care Eco-System, Inc.

Eventually, the company decided to expand further by forging another agreement with Pfizer (now Zoetis Phils, Inc.) in July 2001, distributing products in specific areas.

Merial Philippines, Inc., on the other hand, granted Li-Dav exclusive distributorship of their products in General Santos City and specific areas in Davao City in February 2002.


In July 2003, a Korean company Easybio Phils., opened the door for Li-Dav to distribute their products in the Visayas and Mindanao regions excluding Northern Mindanao. However, sometime in mid-2007, recognizing Li-Dav’s a consistently growing business, Easybio included Northern Mindanao as part of Li-Dav’s distribution area. At present the company remains the biggest distributor  of Easybio products in the Philippines.

When the first batch of Total Feeds’ vitamin concentrate arrived in 2005, the company was given the opportunity of better profitability which grew even better in March 2008 when Crown Pacific of Singapore manufactured the concentrates with their advance systems, manufacturing facilities and logistics giving the company the competitive advantage in the industry.

In February 2010, Mr. Antonio M. Trinidad Jr. stepped up by taking majority of the shares in the company. The wealth of experiences he has acquired from a multinational company combined with his dynamic approach in business and leadership accelerated the company’s growth. 



Upgrades were evident not only with the company’s revenue, but also in the systems. The accounting system that was first installed (Quickbooks) was upgraded to a much faster and better software, ActiveOne System, last Jan 2013.

New suppliers were coming in year by year, such as Central Agrisolutions International Corp (February 2014), Cargill Philippines, Inc. (August 2015), and Ceva Animal Health Phils., Inc. (February 2017).

From 5 pioneers, now they are 9 people strong. Although a lean team, their workforce has also been growing and upgrading through the years. Each one is equipped with tools and resources for them to continue their mission. Safety and efficiency is priority for the field staff, therefore, sales representatives are provided with vehicles with their own safety features.

Now 16 years, LiDav continues to support and make farms in the Philippines grow, contributing highly to the growth of the agricultural industry, and improving the lives of our farmers.